Intercultural Dinner

It is SKY’s first cooperative event in 2019, called “Intercultural Dinner”, with Jyväskylän YK-yhdistys / UN Association of Jyväskylä , AEISEC Jyvaskyla – for the UN Peace Week. We took off with welcoming, introduction to foods from different cultures, and gave a start to taste. After getting the pleasure of the intercultural food over and over, we have played some awareness game online where participants needed to quickly answer to many questions regarding cultures around the world. Last but not least, we ended the event with a game about food customs and stereotypes around it. Warm and friendly atmosphere among the representatives of Finnish, Uzbek, Canadian, Turkish, Russian, Arab and Chinese nationals strengethen the encounter and left positive impressions.
Thanks for everyone! Especially, Veli-PekkaHannele Toivonen. Until the next time, dears! 🤗🙏👋