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Finnish through songs 2 – Report

“In every part of the ancient world, music and musical instruments served magically on ‘therapeutic’ purposes rather than aesthetic ones” (Bancroft 4).

“Musical Aspects of language as tone, pauses, stress, and timbre are sonorous units into which phonemes, the consonant and vowel sounds of language, are later placed” (Mora )
Knowing the impact of music on language learning, we decided to keep our hands-on music.
In this pandemic situation, to make language learning enjoyable and a lifelong lasting experience, we decided to continue our ‘Learning Finnish Through Songs 2’ project.

We achieved our goals with dedicated participants from more than ten different nationalities. The certificates are sent to participants.

Thanks to all.


Finnish-language course: ‘Finnish Through Songs’ 2

Learning the Finnish language has never been so fun!

We in Finnish Intercultural Community (SKY) are delighted to invite (you) enthusiasts to apply for the Finnish language course, which will be taught through Finnish songs, with a music  teacher:

Janina Korkia-AHO (click for the teacher’s CV)

Music and songs will help the attendees to deposit new words and sentences, understand the Finnish culture, traditions, music, history, habits, hobbies, and geography.
Participants will understand the meaning of the songs and sing them.
Let us give hand in hand and carry on to learn more Finnish.

Conditions for the application:

Applicants should know some basics about the Finnish language.

Course starting date is 15.11.2021 and ending date is 13.12.2021

The course will be held between 16.00-17.30 on Mondays

*Applicant who attends at least 75% of the classes will have a right to receive a certificate of achievement

Application procedure:
The application is open until the 10th of November, 2021 (4. pm).

Applicants get notified by the 11th of November, 2021.

Fees will be paid till the 12th of Nov,2021 (1 pm), if the accepted applicant does not make the payment until this time, he/she will lose his slot to a new student.

Successful applicants get access to the materials before the course starts.

Please go through our reference classes via youtube