Finnish-language course: ‘Finnish through Songs’

Learning Finnish language has never been so fun!
We in Finnish Intercultural Community (SKY) are delighted to invite (you) enthusiasts to apply for the Finnish language course, which will be taught through Finnish songs, with a music theatre teacher Merikerttu Mutala.
Music and songs will help the attendees to deposit new words and sentences, understand the Finnish culture, dialects, history, and geography.
Participants will understand the meaning of the songs, memorise them, sing them solo or in a choir.
Let us give hand in hand and carry on to learn more Finnish.

Conditions for the application:
No fees will be charged for this 10 weeks course
Applicants can be from any part of Finland
Applicants must be above 15 years old
20 students will be selected among the applicants
Applicants should know some basics


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