Apple project 2020 report

Goodwill initiative – project apple’s first year has been completed. SKY members have collected apples and also plums from generous donors of the city of Jyvaskyla, Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Hameenlinna to share with others. In total, there were 9 donors and 20 families who received fruits. More details by cities:

5 Donors & 12 families received.
2 Donors & 4 families received.
1 Donor & 3 families received.
1 Donor & 1 family received.

Despite the fact that it has been the first year of the initiative and the English language video call, we have had an amazing experience meeting people of both sides, who shared and who received. We are keeping & planning to continue the good relations with the people in contact and would like to thank all stakeholders in this initiative.

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