To make the migrants’ voice heard

October the 21st, SKY members met with the to discuss migrants’ participation in media, public debate, migration and/or sustainable development issues. 

The subject to which we draw attention is sustainable development and the position of the immigrants. Several topics of discussion and conclusion were:

  • Immigrants are willing and have sufficient capability to participate.
  • Prejudices about immigrants are still actual.
  • To introduce local people and immigrants by using artistic works (theater, dance, music..etc)
  • Using the racist and sexist words is still very common and one out of every four Fins sees it acceptable in public debates.
  • The new immigrants’ profile is different than the previous ones. They have specialized in a specific business but versatile. Also, they are interested in art or social and voluntary organizations.
  • Finland could utilize a qualified workforce by developing appropriate policies to create a safe path into business as soon as possible.


As a SKY, we declared our readiness for cooperation in many aspects, especially integration and emphasized a few more issues that:

  1. Diversity brings new opportunities in the workplace, so to hire people with a migration background is not a challenge. 
  2. More immigrants work for safety in many EU countries than those who make trouble. This is not talked about a lot.
  3. Making more of cultural interaction points between immigrant and local, so that differences and similarities are learned and celebrated festively.
  4. Many immigrants can play a crucial role in society when responsibility is given. So, more encouragement and responsibility for immigrants needed.
  5. Facilitating the activism and couching of the successful immigrants to advocate for other immigrants, such as training, consulting and advocacy.
  6. Message for immigrants that they have to also think and work hard, finding a niche, and take responsibility to make this society a better place for all of us.