Timeout week 2019

Timeout dialogue during the Timeout Week 2019
5th December, 18-20, Rentukka, Club room, Jyväskylä.
How’s it going Finland?
You are welcome to join the discussion on Finland or what it means to be a Finn.
How are Finland and people in Finland doing? What do you find important about Finland and Finnishness? What feels to be the challenge of our time?
It is your thoughts we would like to hear! Your experiences on the topic is what we are interested in. Just come with an open mind. We are making no decisions nor are we solving all the World’s problems. In a Timeout dialogue, participants talk about their experiences and listen to each other.
(please note the discussion language will be Turkish).
This discussion is part of the first national Timeout week during which an enormous number of discussions on Finnishness are organised around Finland.
The essential, concrete insights of Timeout discussions are compiled on the Timeout website at for everyone to think about.
The insights collected during the Timeout weeks of 2019-2021 will be edited to be used for the improvement of the Finnish society.
Hope to see you soon!
Coffee or other refreshments are served at the event.

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