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Mapping your Helsinki Workshop

Do you feel safe and welcomed in your city?
Do you enjoy spending time and having fun around Helsinki?
Do you think there are a lot more places and activity suggestions to be discovered?

This mapping workshop is targeted at women living in the capital region. Participants will make individual and collective maps of Helsinki to reflect on their experiences living in the capital and to learn about the city and its surroundings in light of each other’s practices—for instance what are safe spaces, where are businesses, associations and activities that are relevant for them, what are unknown areas worth exploring etc.
In all, the workshop offers women an opportunity to strengthen their sense of belonging in the capital region.
The workshop is process-based and participants are free to decide how much they want to be involved, finished and unfinished maps are welcome.

This workshop is carried out by Méelodine Sommier, researcher at University of Jyväskylä in collaboration with SKY and aims to make exploring and living in Helsinki a great experience for everyone.

The language of the workshop is English but there will be translation opportunities by our volunteers in the following languages (Finnish, Turkish, French).

To reserve your place click the link below and register.

Click Here for the Link

Number of available spots is limited.

Place: Näyttelijäntie 14, 00400 Helsinki

Time: 04.02.2023/ 10.00-13.00

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