In response to COVID-19 in Finland!

Finland and the World, in general, are going through a difficult time. As it leads us to worry, it also leads us to take action.
As a Suomen Kulttuurienvälinen Yhteisö (SKY) volunteers, we have taken many steps.
To minimize the risk of infection;

-We have canceled our events and gatherings.
-We have moved our meetings online.
-We have shared in our social accounts the importance of self-isolation.
-We have taken precautions in our homes.
-We have been following the Finnish government’s guidelines and brainstormed on how we can help our society.

To share the responsibility;

-We have organized 30 volunteers from 7 municipalities in Finland speaking 12 languages and reported our readiness to the municipalities with the hope that our volunteers can help in municipalities’ phone helpline to seniors during the epidemic.
-We have joined international campaigns to release women and kids from the jails during the pandemic.
-We have sent letters to the human rights organizations to voice the concern of the women and kids in the jails.
-We have sent solidarity letters to the embassy of the countries that are suffering from the pandemic the most.

That is not all, our volunteers are posting a message in their apartments that they can do the grocery and medicine purchase for the neighbors who are in need or the risk groups.

If anything we can do more, please get in touch with us.

Ystävällisin Terveisin
Suomen Kulttuurienvälinen Yhteisö (SKY)
Läkkisepänkuja 3, 02650 Espoo, Finland