Discovering and Embracing the Finnish Culture – Online Lecture

In a time of mass intercultural encounters, exposure to various cultures, customs and traditions can be a nervous process. However, starting to exploring other cultures, especially the culture of the place, where is considered to be the second home we live must be crucial.


That has been the motivation for the Finnish Intercultural Community (SKY) to organize two lectures for its members and beyond. Lectures took place online, via zoom program and proved to be interactive, challenging and engaging at the same time.


1st course, titled: Introduction to concepts of culture and intercultural communication in general.

2nd course, titled: Introduction to Finnish culture from the eyes of an immigrant.

During the first online meeting with 40 participants across Finland, Lecturer Ilkhom Khalimzoda concentrated on how we define, or should we define culture, going back to the pioneers of essentialist intercultural communication to the contemporary dynamic understanding of culture.  These have given to participants to challenge their mind on looking at culture, avoiding ethnocentric and egocentric views.

During the second online meeting with about 30 participants from Finland and abroad, the lecture turned into Finnish culture and its richness. Commonalities and differences. There have been many examples, following the informative part, personalizing the given culture to the individual observation.