Why should I donate?

Donate to keep our hearts beating! Our  members are putting their time voluntarily to enhance the good cause that SKY aims for, that is:

– To become an active contributor to the society

– To promote and do intercultural awareness and mutual understanding

– To promote belongingness to Finland and inclusion in the society

Our costs are:

– Keeping the homepage

– Transportation cost for the meetings & events

– Drinks and snacks during the meetings and activities

Our association that we are under,  runs through donations, and the SKY working group can get very small support from there.  All other spendings are either from the self-commitment of the members or from the partner organization with whom we organize events.

How should I donate?

For one time donation, please choose the amount which you can afford, for example, 20 euro, 30 euro, 50 euro or 100 euro. Next, here are the details that you  will need:

Organization: Finland Dialog Förening

Message: Donation for SKY

IBAN: FI23 1470 3000 2548 40. 


For a monthly donation, after you have entered the details and chosen the amount in your net-banks payment page, please find and tick the box where it says that you would like to repeat this payment every month.

Of course, we wish to keep getting your support every month, but it is totally up to you, how long you would like to be a donor.


Thank you from heart!