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Finland from the eyes of an immigrant

You are cardinally invited to our next event: Finland from the eyes of an immigrant, on Saturday 25th of September,, at Helsinki Puistolan raitti ala-astenkoulu, Puistolan raitti 18, 00760, which is a part of the National Youth Peace Week events (20.9. – 25.9.2021).
We invite you to feel three stories of the immigrant youth. Youth that has fled their homeland and found a welcoming embrace in the hearts of Finns in Finland.
They will be sharing about their integration, goals, and future input into Finnish society.
More specifically, it is a Live Library, where speakers are seated in different corners and listeners will seat around them, as if they are listening to a live book, and they get a chance to hear out each and every story by rotating from one speaker to another. Speakers will talk about the following:
Shortly will share why they came to Finland.
1. Finland from the eyes of an immigrant.
2. What am I doing now and what are my goals?
3. My social commitments and inputs. My future goals for society.
In addition, you will get to taste the delights and cooking culture of Turkish cuisine that is prepared by the ones who have found their new home here in Finland.
The event is organized by SKY:Suomen Kulttuurienvälinen Yhteisö in cooperation with the UN Youth of Finland and UN Association of Jyväskylä.
Google registration link is here: Click
Facebook event to remind yourself:
Due to the Covid-19, the room is limited to 30 people. Therefore, please register as soon as possible so that we confirm your place and ensure sufficient food. The registration is open until 25th of September.
In case of equality or accessibility issues, please contact:
Yusuf Shaymardanov,
Hannele Toivonen,

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