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    Vegan Iftar Evening in Helsinki

    VEGAN IFTAR EVENING IN HELSINKI26.04.202219.30-22.00 Veganism and the fasting practice of Ramadan, is it a two-fold challenge or opportunity?In this unique evening, we will get a bit of awareness on Veganism from Viral Vegans, as well as fasting practice (Ramadan) […] More

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    Oulu Iftar-ruokailu

    Ramadan Iftar feast was held on the 13th of April in Seurakuntakoti, Toppila, Oulu. With about 50 guests present, we explored the Ramadan fast. With the sunset, the fast was broken and diverse Turkish cuisine was awaiting followed by pleasant […] More

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    Vuoden vapaaehtoinen 2021

    The volunteer of the year 2021 is Ilkhom Khalimzoda from Jyväskylä, chair of Suomen Kulttuurienvälinen Yhteisö. Citizens’ Arena congratulates the winner and thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s campaign! Ilkhom Khalimzoda, actively promotes intercultural dialogue, equality, and the […] More

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    Panel: Religious Perspectives on Violence against Women

    Panel discussion on the topic of Religious Perspectives on Violence against Women was held on the 9th of December 2021, organized by Suomen Kulttuurienvälinen Yhteisö – SKY in cooperation with the Neighbourhood Mothers project. Six panelists discussed the topic from […] More

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    Finnish through songs 2 – Report

    “In every part of the ancient world, music and musical instruments served magically on ‘therapeutic’ purposes rather than aesthetic ones” (Bancroft 4). “Musical Aspects of language as tone, pauses, stress, and timbre are sonorous units into which phonemes, the consonant […] More

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    Hämeenlinna: “Suomen kielen oppiminen musiikin kautta”-Report

      SKY:n ja Hämeenlinnan kunnan järjestämä suomen kielen oppimiskurssi musiikin kautta 4.11.-23.12.2021 on päättynyt. Kurssille osallistui yhteensä 18 henkilöä 10 eri kansallisuudesta. Oppitunnit kestivät 1,5 tuntia viikossa. Kurssilla juhlittiin myös isänpäivää ja joulua. Joka kurssipäivä laulettiin erilaisia ​​suomalaisia ​​lauluja elävän […] More

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    Language course through the Finnish songs! – 1

    For the first time, we launched a pilot project: Language course through the Finnish songs in May 2021 and project finished on 17.08.2021. This was a unique opportunity as well as a learning experience online, where people from various musical […] More

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    Live-kirjasto Helsingissa, 2021 Syyskuussa

    Nuorten rauhan viikon yhteydessä saimme kuulla kolme tarinaa maahanmuutosta Suomeen, uskomattomia saavutuksia ja nuorten puhujien tulevaisuuden toiveita! Voidaan todistaa, kuinka vanhempien päätös voi muuttaa nuorten elämää; Miten nuoret kokivat Suomen ja suomalaisen yhteisön? Millaisia sukupolvien välisiä neuvotteluja käydään heidän ja […] More

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    Finland from the eyes of an immigrant

    You are cardinally invited to our next event: Finland from the eyes of an immigrant, on Saturday 25th of September,, at Helsinki Puistolan raitti ala-astenkoulu, Puistolan raitti 18, 00760, which is a part of the National Youth Peace Week […] More

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    Webinar: No one wants to be a refugee

    Webinar: No one wants to be a refugee SKY in cooperation with Nicehearts ry and its Naapuriäidit / Neighbourhood Mothers project orginized an event, where refugees in Finland talked about their personal experience, their struggle, hopes, and dreams. The aim of […] More

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    “The interfaith panel discussion on fasting” Report

    The interfaith panel discussion on fasting in Finland was held by SKY Working Group online. The panel aimed to learn about fasting in various religions from direct, authentic sources. Heidi Rautionmaa, an interfaith practitioner, priest, and educator shared information on […] More

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    SKY Network Talks – Behzad Fatmi

    For our April SKY Network Talk, we had Bahzad Fatimi, Chair of Indialogue Foundation in India, sharing his social initiatives for humanity and interfaith dialogue experiences. He started with their vision, the latest activities they had, and how they have […] More

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