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    Finnish through songs 2 – Report

    “In every part of the ancient world, music and musical instruments served magically on ‘therapeutic’ purposes rather than aesthetic ones” (Bancroft 4). “Musical Aspects of language as tone, pauses, stress, and timbre are sonorous units into which phonemes, the consonant […] More

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    Successful Adaptation Through Sports

    Sports no doubt beneficial for Human wellbeing. But it can also facilitate socializing and Integration. In SKY, we wish to bring all, especially the newcomers, to learn and get involved with sports, through the support of their locals, those who […] More

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    Apple project 2020 report

    Goodwill initiative – project apple’s first year has been completed. SKY members have collected apples and also plums from generous donors of the city of Jyvaskyla, Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Hameenlinna to share with others. In total, there were 9 donors […] More

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    Omena Projekti – 2021

    Hakemuslomake >> << Video Esittely Älä menetä yhtä omenaa, hanki uusi ystävä!Videonesittely: Projektin kuvaus Omenaa on laajalti saatavana Suomessa, ja monissa kotitalouksissa puutarhoissa on omenapuita. Vuosina, jolloin satoa on siunattu, kotitaloudet eivät välttämättä kuluta kaikkia omenoita, ja siksi ne jäävät jätteeksi. Meidän […] More