Apply to become a member! 

We are happy to inform you that there is a possibility to become a member of the Finnish Intercultural Community and volunteer with us. Currently, we do:

– Members routine monthly or semi-monthly meetings, larger workshops and training.

– Monthly SKY TALKS, where we have a guest speaker on various topics.

– We are running a Face Book group SKY NETWORK.

– Organising various other events such as ´´Live library´´ and other discussions, as well as some innovative initiatives such as the  ´´Apple Project´´, ´´Finnish language through music´´ and others.

Why to become a member?

By becoming a volunteer, you will be able to use our premises for your ideas, organize events, participate in the implementation of the projects, lectures and meetings and take the most of the benefits by meeting people from different characters and cultures. It will definitely strengthen your sensitivity and add you to more international networks. With your participation, we will have a new perspective on many intercultural issues, a new vibe and more positive energy.

“There are many proven personal benefits of community volunteerism. Working together with a group of people who have different ethnicity, backgrounds, and views reduces stereotypes. Community volunteerism has also been proven to improve student’s academic success” (Boru, Nese, 2017).

According to University Health Services, studies have found that volunteering can positively impact a person’s overall mental and emotional health (, 2018).

How to become a member?

Please fill the form below. After our membership administrator has received your application, he will contact you for a short “get to know” interview. After that will discuss your application with our members and get back to you depending on your interests and our needs. Currently, the membership is free and only valid for the year of your application, with possibility of extension. Members are not paid. See you among the SKY community builders!